Mobile Legends: Best Tanks, Ranked

In the battlegrounds of Mobile Legends, tanks play the role of steadfast ML protectors who absorb damage and make room for their allies to shine. Picking the tank could mean the contrast between a win and a crushing loss. However, with a selection of MLBB heroes available, pinpointing the defenders can pose a challenge. This ranked tier list will help you navigate the options and select the perfect tank to lead your Mobile Legends team to dominance.

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The unbreakable wall

These MLBB tanks stand tall at the frontlines, showcasing toughness crowd control skills, and initiation capabilities. They can disrupt enemy formations handily and set up chances for your team to secure eliminations.

  • Khufra: This female Mobile Legends hero morphs into a bouncing force of devastation, leaping through adversaries and leaving them stunned in her path. Her ultimate move forms a zone for keeping enemies at bay and safeguarding teammates.
  • Baxia: This shelled wonder spins like a whirlwind, knocking back enemies and dealing significant damage. His ultimate petrifies nearby enemies, leaving them vulnerable for your team to unleash their fury.
  • Akai: The adorable panda packs a punch. His ultimate throws enemies over his shoulder, displacing them and creating chaos in their Mobile Legends ranks. He’s also surprisingly tanky, making him a constant thorn in the enemy’s side.

The defenders

These Mobile Legends tanks provide a strong frontline presence while offering additional utility. They excel at peeling for carries and setting up ganks, making them ideal for well-coordinated ML teams.

  • Tigreal: A classic MLBB tank, Tigreal offers a perfect blend of offense and defense. His ultimate charges toward enemies, stunning them on impact, and his shield protects him and nearby allies from harm.
  • Atlas: This imposing giant can petrify enemies and pull them towards him, perfect for setting up kills. His ultimate creates a forcefield, blocking enemy attacks and creating a safe haven for your team.
  • Franco: A high-risk, high-reward Mobile Legends tank, Franco’s ultimate throws a grappling hook, pulling a single enemy towards him. This can be devastating if used strategically to isolate a key target.

The situational specialists

These Mobile Legends tanks excel in specific situations but might not be universally effective. They can be powerful picks against certain enemy compositions or Mobile Legends map layouts.

  • Grock: This electric hero can manipulate walls, creating openings or closing them off to trap enemies. He’s perfect for controlling objectives and team fights on ML maps with narrow choke points.
  • Minotaur: This MLBB hero charges like a force through foes inflicting damage and pushing them back. He thrives in group battles where his area of effect powers can cause chaos.
  • Hylos: This centaur Mobile Legends hero regenerates health continuously, making him incredibly hard to kill. He’s ideal for prolonged sieges and pushing objectives when your team needs a nearly unkillable frontline.

By grasping each tank’s strengths and weaknesses, taking your requirements into account, and exploring choices, you can discover the ML protector to guide your team toward victory in Mobile Legends. 

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