Michelle Wolf on Freckles, Curls, and Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth

Michelle Wolf


In the world of comedy, Michelle Wolf stands out like a fiery comet streaking across the night sky. Her razor-sharp wit, unapologetic humor, and candid observations have made her a beloved figure on shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Recently, she celebrated the premiere of her first HBO comedy special, and in an exclusive interview, she peeled back the layers to reveal more about herself. From freckles to curls, and even the art of putting your foot in your mouth, Michelle’s insights are as refreshing as they are hilarious.

1. Race and Identity: Stumbling Over Words

Michelle Wolf has experienced the curious phenomenon of people assuming she’s African American, even though she’s white. Moving to New York amplified this assumption. On her Instagram, followers still ask, “Are you black or white?” Michelle believes that open conversations about race are essential—even if it means occasionally stumbling over our words. Sometimes, learning comes from putting our own foot in our mouths.

2. Curly Red Hair: A Delightful Rarity

Michelle’s vibrant red curls are eye-catching. Red hair isn’t as common, and seeing someone with curly, natural hair on TV still feels like a big deal. Growing up, there weren’t many redheads on television, but Michelle found inspiration in characters like Annie and Keri Russell’s Felicity. Her hair, like her personality, is a delightful mix of bubbly, fiery, and fun.

3. Haircare Routine: Learning from Black Women

Humorously, Michelle admits she’s still figuring out her haircare routine. She credits black women on YouTube for their helpful videos on dealing with curly hair. One of her go-to products? The Cantu Shea Butter Curling Cream, which she discovered during her travels. Michelle’s haircare journey is relatable, reminding us that even comedians have bad hair days.

4. Embracing Freckles: Part of Her Unique Beauty

Michelle has a face dotted with numerous tiny freckles, and she warmly embraces each one of them. Rather than concealing them under layers of foundation, she opts to enhance her natural look with bronzers and highlighters. To Michelle, her freckles are not imperfections but rather integral elements of her unique beauty that she proudly showcases. She fondly recalls a moment from her school days when a curious schoolmate reached out to touch her face, marveling at the texture provided by her freckles—an amusing and cherished memory that underscores the beauty of embracing one’s individuality.

5. Beauty and Stand-Up: Beyond Physical Appearance

As a comedian, Michelle naturally weaves discussions about beauty standards and societal expectations regarding appearance into her stand-up routines. She admires the growing trend of women using social media platforms to celebrate their confidence and self-acceptance. However, Michelle consistently emphasizes the significance of valuing abilities that extend beyond mere physical appearance. She acknowledges that while feeling beautiful and confident in one’s skin is indeed wonderful, it’s equally important to highlight and embrace other talents and skills. Specifically, Michelle advocates for the importance of recognizing proficiency in areas traditionally dominated by men, like mathematics and computer science. She argues that cultivating such skills not only empowers individuals but also broadens their opportunities in life. Michelle believes that the combination of brains, humor, and a sense of self-worth is the ultimate power combo, capable of breaking stereotypes and pushing societal boundaries. Through her comedy, she aims to inspire both laughter and a deeper reflection on the multifaceted nature of beauty and intelligence.


Michelle Wolf’s candidness and wit make her a refreshing voice in comedy. She challenges norms, sparks thought-provoking conversations, and reminds us that sometimes, it’s okay to put our foot in our mouths—especially if it leads to growth and understanding.


  1. Does Michelle Wolf have any upcoming comedy specials?
    • As of now, there haven’t been any official announcements, but fans are eagerly waiting for more of her brilliant humor.
  2. What’s Michelle’s favorite joke she’s ever written?
    • Michelle once quipped, “I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman, but have you ever seen us in the same room together?” It’s a gem!
  3. How does Michelle handle hecklers during her live shows?
    • She gracefully turns their interruptions into punchlines, leaving the audience in stitches.
  4. What’s Michelle’s guilty pleasure snack?
    • She confesses to having a weakness for spicy Cheetos. Who can blame her?
  5. Is Michelle Wolf planning to write a book?
    • While there’s no confirmed book yet, we’d love to read her unfiltered thoughts on life, comedy, and everything in between.