KYC Video Call: A Solution to Overcome Fraud Attacks in the Digital Age

Digitization has provided innovative techniques and brought businesses closer to enhanced scalability and growth. Companies uplift their work processing to cope with this era of technology. Enterprises use remote onboarding and user identification processes to reduce the hassle of lengthy manual processes. However, the remote onboarding process may give way to fraudsters using weak securities. Therefore, businesses require robust solutions to verify every potential user before onboarding and secure their relations with their users. Companies are required to follow Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations and enhance their processing with innovative solutions. KYC video calls facilitate firms with more accurate and precise ID verification practices. 

KYC Video Call: A Way to Precise Onboarding Process 

KYC video call is a more convenient and simplified approach for enhancing the user onboarding process. Companies use online ID verification processes to secure their remote processes and enhance their businesses over the globe. KC on a video call is a more precise and accurate method for real-time user identification. It promotes corporate growth and secures user data and transactional details from fraudsters. It helps to deter criminals’ sophisticated ways of committing cyber crimes. Online KYC verification practice helps eliminate identity theft by assisting organizations with digital record management. 

How Does KYC Video Call Help in Reducing Extra Costs? 

Conventionally, organiztions hire various individuals for the registration process. They work to collect documents and check them manually over a number of days. It took a long time to evaluate and verify a large amount of data points. However, data management also requires much effort, such as manual entries and information checking for ID verification. 

Fraudsters employ machine learning technology to generate fake ID documents and use them to reach firms for various illicit activities. It makes organizations victims of heavy financial losses and data losses. Video KYC solutions help to reduce the costs of manual ID verification. It assists companies in utilizing digital ID authentication solutions for fraud prevention. It eliminates the cost of multiple hirings and assists organizations with automatic ID verification methods. 

Video Call KYC and Organizational Multi-Layered Security From Financial Terrorism

The video calls the KYC process a more accurate and precise way to have all ID verification procedures on a single platform. It involves all ID verification practices and provides multi-layered security from financial terrorism. Utilizing KYC on video calls is a more reliable process for authenticating users in real-time. It integrates the following methods of online identity authentication: 

Document Verification

KYC on video calls involves the verification of various documents such as transcripts, educational certificates, degrees, salary slips, licenses, ID cards, and bank statements. The online KYC process involves the usage of optical character recognition to enhance organizational security. It works to utilize automatic data-checking algorithms for the authentication of provided information. For remote businesses, companies employ digital document verification processes to analyze scanned images of various identity proofs. Automatic algorithms assist organiztions with a hassle-free user onboarding process by verifying clients in a few minutes. It verifies numerous data points in a single time for document checking.  

Face Verification

KYC on video call also involves a biometric security system to ensure user authenticity for ID verification. It involves user face scanning through deep learning technology to find their authenticity. Face verification is automatically controlled with the help of pre-trained artificial intelligence models. Criminals design fake images and spoofed data to bypass securities of manual processes. Without automatic AI scanners, it is not feasible to detect criminal techniques or generate deep fakes and spoofed photos. Hence, KC on video calls assists businesses with automatic checks for user data authentication. Data obtained from liveness detection is compared against the user in a live video call. It is an effective security approach for the elimination of criminals. 

Automatic Live User Authentication 

KYC agents involve automatic strategies and physical checks of users in live video calls and interviews. Users are verified through manual checking of user data in real-time for an enhanced KYC process. Additionally, it helps to utilize the due diligence process and access user risk association for the elimination of financial terrorism and data breaches. Automatic algorithms of AI and ML involve real time ID verification for enhanced protection. 

Final Words 

Companies verify identity by video call for user authentication in real-time. The online ID verification process helps to deter financial terrorism. Enterprises use KYC on video calls and facilitate their landscape with more precise and accurate ID verification methods.  The Digital KYC process involves a complete analysis of user profiles to assist organiztions with enhanced security from financial terrorism and data loss. It integrates all the security methods and deters fraud through user authentication in various steps. It involves a biometric security system to verify users through unique traits and eliminate IDs of spoofing and deep fakes. 

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